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Some interesting ios games

Dont Touch the Spikes

Since the success of Flappy Bird the norm seems to be games having only ‘life’ rather than the usual 3 ‘lives’ in games before ‘Game Over’ Following such a path is a ‘Dont touch the spikes’ where the object of the game is to keep a bird tossing between two walls without touching the spikes present in certain positions which constantly change with each hit to the wall. Free download from Apples Appstore with ads shown during play. Below is screen recording of the game. Check out below Video of Game Play recording




Mad Bullets

Put your cowboy hat on and become a gun slinger rescuing innocent people including some cuties that pay you in kisses when you relieve them from the madness of the wild west posse in this exciting and vastly entertaining game.  You start ‘Mad Bullets’  by walking into a wild west town when the incongruous elements start attacking you physically along with name calling, shoot them with your gun and make sure to keep re-loading as you escape the bullets, syringes and even a ‘Angry Bird’ being pelted at you. Shoot the barrels to collect some coin and extra ‘lives’, but heed and do not shoot the bombs which will take away a ‘life’ of yours. After the end of the initial fighting you move into more sinister neighborhoods such as ‘ Goons Village’, ‘Vulture Necropolis’.

After losing initial three chances you are presented sometimes with a chance to start with three more lives from the current position rather than start anew if you click on the clapboard and watch a short advertising usually for about 10 to 15 seconds.

The graphics are top notch and have a nostalgic feel to it. Mad bullets has been keeping me very busy lately.